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Road Transport

Tengwa Africa caters for diverse load requirements, including drop side super links, drop side triaxles, bulk tippers, chemical and fuel tankers and tautliners. In addition to utilising our own fleet, we provide the following logistics solutions:

• Trade flow management between customers and suppliers
• Improved efficiency due to collaborative relationships
• Export solutions for specific logistics requirements


We manage warehouses throughout Africa, which are geared to handle a vast array of products — bulk commodities to packaged goods and everything in-between.

• Designed to handle various products
• 300 multi-sized warehouses
• Over 500 000 m² storage space

Freight Forwarding

Tengwa Africa, in affiliation with ETG, enjoys major freight connections to all nations around the world. Our freight forwarding and clearing services include disbursements, bond storage and warehousing.

• 24/7 freight solutions
• Road, sea, air, rail
• Packaging and carrying
• Customised end-to-end
• Secure storage

Logistics Management

Specialising in various sectors in the logistics trade, we provide a turnkey service to our clients. With extensive experience in the grain, fertiliser and mineral logistics sectors, our logistics coordinators utilise all our cargo flows to build custom synergies for clients.

• 1 800 000 MT of cargo flow per annum
• Tailor-made client and supplier solutions
• Experience in grain, fertiliser and mineral sector

Global connection in every direction


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